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Current Position:
Production capacity

Production capacity

The company has a production workshop area of 5,000 square meters, all of which are dust-free and clean workshops, equipped with separate air and material shower channels. The company has AT shifter production line, MT production line, electronic accelerator pedal production line, air-conditioning controller production line and electronic shifter production line. The design of the production line pays attention to the requirements of lean, error-proofing, comprehensive inspection, etc., can realize one-stop inspection of products under the condition of effectively ensuring production capacity, and cooperate with EOL's identification management to realize the traceability of each product.

The company has a dust-free electronic workshop with a cleanliness of 100,000

At present, the company has multiple automated production assembly lines

The design of the company's production lines is at the leading level in the same industry, realizing integrated product testing and coding. With the MES system, the digital traceability of each product can be realized.

Annual production capacity is expected to reach 3 million auto parts

Process SAP Management System Warehousing WMES Management System

  • A corner of the production line
    A corner of the production line
  • A corner of the production line
    A corner of the production line
  • Raw material warehouse
    Raw material warehouse
  • Logistics channel
    Logistics channel
  • Product warehouse
    Product warehouse
  • ERP system management
    ERP system management

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